Privacy Policy

In order to provide our customers with peace of mind, Sheedom Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “the Company”) recognizes the importance of personal information, which is why it pays maximum attention to protecting the privacy and personal information of its customers and strictly manages this information.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information In order to provide better service to customers, the Company may collect customers’ personal information within the scope necessary during surveys, e-mail delivery, and mail-order sales, etc. When this information is collected, the purpose shall be limited as narrowly as possible. The scope of this personal information which is collected shall not exceed the extent necessary to achieve the purpose for collection. Furthermore, the Company will collect personal information through lawful and proper means.
2. Management and Protection of
Personal Information
  • The Company will designate a responsible person who will manage personal information properly and the Company will also endeavor to prevent information from leaking out to an external party. Furthermore, the Company strives to protect customers’ personal information by using appropriate and reasonable security measures for preventing illegal, outside access to personal information and the loss, destruction, alteration, etc. of personal information.
  • Regarding access to databases and others related to personal information, limitations are in place on who has access rights to the data and the Company will manage access strictly to prevent unauthorized use within its organization.
  • In order to provide better service to customers, the Company may outsource the handling of personal information to external third parties. In this case, it will select an entity (hereafter, called a “subcontractor”) which has been deemed to manage personal information properly, and in addition to negotiating the items necessary to prevent any leakage of personal information such as proper management of personal information, protection of secrets and prohibition of reoffering personal information, the Company will ensure that personal information will be managed appropriately in the contract with the subcontractor.
3. Use of Personal Information The Company may ask for a customer’s necessary personal information in order to provide services such as responding to inquiries. It will limit use of the personal information received to within the scope of the stated purpose of use.
4. Provision of Personal Information The Company will not disclose or provide customers’ personal information to a third party other than a subcontractor without their consent. However, when laws or regulations require disclosure, or when or if it is asked to disclose their personal information by public organizations such as courts of justice and police, the Company may disclose or provide such personal information without customers’ consent.
5. Disclosure or Correction of
Personal Information
  • When a customer himself/herself makes a request for disclosure of their personal information, except in cases where such requests interfere with the Company’s execution of its business or harms an individual’s life, body, property or other interests, the Company will disclose this to the customer without delay.
  • When a customer himself/herself makes a request for correction or deletion of personal information, the Company will respond to the request without delay. In this case, when there is a reason that necessitates correction or deletion, the Company will correct or delete the personal information without delay.
6. Developing Internal Systems Based on this privacy policy the Company will establish internal rules regarding the protection of personal information, provide a clear policy to its officers and employees in regards to the handling of personal information, and strive to protect customers’ personal information.
7. Review The Company will continue to review and improve each of the above items’ contents in regards to the handling of customers’ personal information.
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