Polyurethane elastomer (TPU)Elastomer series

Polyurethane elastomer (TPU)

A new and unique type of sheet/film developed by Sheedom using special polyurethane as its base material.
Applicable to an almost infinite variety of uses with superb abration resistance and outstanding elasticity (tensile strength, tensile extensibility).

  • Superb abration resistance ((three to five times compared to the abration resistance of natural/synthetic rubber).
  • tremendous elasticity
  • Excellent low-temperature characteristics, mechanical property, and flex resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, and aging resistance.
  • Remains elasticity and flexibility between -40 ℃ and +150 ℃.
Major application [Office automation]  Protective covers for office equipment / keyboard shields
[Apparel]  Parts of various clothing / liners for down-insulated clothing.
[Sports equipment]  emblem on sportswear and T-shirts / protective tape for sports equipment / soles for shoes / wet suits.
[Belts]  Laminated material for belts
[Medical]  Bedsore-prevention / film dressing / adhesive bandages.
[Others]  laminated material for furniture / carpet liners / industrial packing / hot melt material.
type Part number hardness Surface condition recital
polyester series DUS 202 90A CDR standard productdate sheet
polyester series,
DUS 605 96A CDR standard productdate sheet
DUS 605 96A CER standard productdate sheet
polyester series,
DUS 601 90A CDS standard productdate sheet
polyester series DUS 501 90A CD standard productdate sheet
polyether series DUS 217 90A CD Product made to order

standard productFor the standard stock product, please refer to here.

For the product made to order, please contact us individually.
Example of product made to order: polyurethane elastomer hardness 65A to 96A, etc.

The lineup shown above is an example.
For grade and specifications (change of separator, etc.), please contact us us

* Producible size

Thickness of product 0.01mm〜5.0mm
Width of product 500mm〜2000mm

* We can provide consultation for slit. The minimum width is 30mm.