Polyamide elastomer (TPAE)Elastomer series

Polyurethane tape (TPU)

A new and unique type of sheet/film developed by Sheedom using thermoplastic elastomer composed mostly of polyamide series block copolymer as its base material.
Suitable for many different applications due to its polyamide-like function and rubber-like elasticity.

  • Excellent low-temperature characteristics and less hardness change under low temperature.
  • Excellent flex resistance, oil and chemical resistance.
  • excellent Elongation-recovery modulus and lex resistance.
  • Light in specific gravity.
Major application Keyboard covers / dust protection covers.
type Part number hardness recital
Polyamide elastmer SAE 353 83A melt point 144℃   with separator
SAE 948 55D melt point 153℃   with separator
SAE 955 63D melt point 164℃   with separator