Polyester elastomer (TPEE)Elastomer series

Polyurethane tape (TPU)

A new and unique type of sheet/film developed by Sheedom using thermoplastic elastomer composed mostly of polyester series block copolymer as its base material.
This sheet has elasticity not performed by plastic, and physical and chemical property not performed by rubber. It is high quality and advanced processing as well.

  • Excellent oil, chemical, heat, weather, and impact resistance.
  • And low-temperature property.
  • Remains elasticity and flexibility between -50℃ and +150℃.
Major application Packing / belts / interlining / medical equipment.
type Part number hardness
Polyester elastmer DHS 4047 40D
DHS 6347 63D

* We can provide consultation for slit. The minimum width is 30mm.