Polypropylene sheet (transparent PP)Plastic series

Polypropylene sheet (transparent PP)

Aqua is a transparent sheet of Sheedom that is superior in transparency, surface glossiness, and texture.
It has such a high printability that direct printing on the sheet is available.
It is optimum for packaging and transparent clear files as pollution-free material.
*Cold resistance grade is supportable

  • Superior in transparency, surface glossiness, heat sealing property, durability
  • Superior in printability and excellent in processing suitability
  • Meets the standard of Food Sanitation Act Article 370
Major application Clear case/PP poster/folder, etc.
Part number Color number Size (unit: mm) Number of packed sheets Cumulative number Remark
600C(clear) 0.2×670×1000 100 20 Printing grade
data sheet
600C(clear) 0.2×800×1100 100 20
600C(clear) 0.3×670×1000 100 15
600C(clear) 0.3×800×1100 50 30
600C(clear) 0.4×670×1000 50 20
600C(clear) 0.4×800×1100 50 20